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2024 OGWA Endorsements

Trump endorsed.jpeg
Sandy Smith endorsed.png
JR Majewski endorsed.JPEG
Allen Mashburn endorsed.png
Trent Staggs endorsed.png
Joe Earley endorsed.png
Mike Stuart endorsed.png
Mac Warner endorsed.png
Debbie Deweese endorsed.png
Kari Lake endorsed.png
Chris Rose endorsed.png
Abe Hamadeh endorsed.jpg
Kris Warner endorsed.png
Tom Willis endorsed.png
Phil Lyman endorsed.png
Chris Spencer endorsed.png
Brandon Gill endorsed.png
Jim Marter endorsed.png
Mike Allers endorsed.png
David Tangipa endorsed.png
Derrick Evans endorse.png
AJ Louderback endorsed.png
Shelley Gwartney endorsed.png
Hillary Hickland endorsed.png
Ben Bius endorsed.png

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