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Shaping Policy

Troy McCoy.jpg

Troy McCoy

Charger Energy

Eric Nelson.jpg

Rep. Eric Nelson


Rey Trevino head shot.png

Rey Trevino

Pecos Country Energy

Stu Turley head shot.png

Stuart Turley

Energy News Beat

Donnie Davis_edited.jpg

Donnie Davis

1st Staffing USA

Jennifer Gross head shot.jpg

Rep. Jennifer Gross


Caitlyn Edge.jpeg

Caitlyn Pierce

Edge Industries

Kathy Edmonston.jpg

Rep. Kathy Edmonston


George Rodriguez.jpg

George Rodriguez

930 AM San Antonio

Matt Coday

Matt Coday

President & Founder

Cory Mills.png

Rep. Cory Mills

U.S. Congress

Mike Loychik.jpg

Rep. Mike Loychik


James McCormick.jpg

James McCormick

New Haven, West Virginia

Keith Stelter_edited.jpg

Keith Stelter

American Safety Services

Prater Benson.jpeg

Prater Benson

Workstrings International

Randy Pettigrew.jpg

Rep. Randy Pettigrew

New Mexico

Hollis Day.png

Hollis "Bubbe" Day

Baton Rouge, LA

Ross Schumann.jpg

Ross Schumann

Distribution Plus

Image by Darren Halstead

OGWA advocates on behalf of all members of the oil and gas industry. Learn where your legislators stand, and follow OGWA’s work on regulatory, legislative, and legal issues that impact all of our jobs.

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