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We're fighting to save american oil and gas jobs - and our entire nation.

Oil & Gas Workers Association is a grassroots, independent trade association working to secure, grow, and sustain American oil and gas jobs and fighting for American workers.


OGWA was founded in 2015 by an oilfield truck driver and has grown to over 47,000 members nationwide. 


The organization is proudly run for and by oil & gas workers. OGWA represents everyone in the US who works in oil and gas and every American whose job is supported by our vital industry.

We work with federal and state legislators and regulatory agencies on policies that affect our jobs and families.

What is OGWA working on?

  • Speed up federal and state permitting for drilling, pipelines, refineries, gas processing plants, and LNG export terminals

  • Roll back costly, unnecessary "environmental" regulations that hinder USA oil and gas production

  • Reduce franchise and severance taxes on our oil and gas jobs that hurt small business owners and force businesses to move good-paying jobs to foreign countries

  • Drive investment in USA oil and natural gas

  • Foster economic development and USA jobs creation

  • Lower gas prices for all Americans by increasing USA oil and gas production

  • Fight back against radical "environmental" groups that hurt all Americans by shutting down vital USA oil and gas projects



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States Actively Represented

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At OGWA, we represent workers throughout the country. From the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico to the Gulf of Mexico, Oklahoma to North Dakota, Florida to Alaska, California to South Carolina, Colorado to Massachusetts, Mississippi to Pennsylvania and Ohio, and everywhere in between. Completely independent of oil and gas producers, OGWA is NOT a union.


Oil & Gas Workers Association is committed to supporting responsible candidates and legislation that advance our industry and jobs. We are fighting back against harmful legislation and unnecessary regulations that hurt American workers.

We are fighting to save American jobs.

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