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Dusty Roads

November 2023

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Greetings fellow Oil & Gas Workers Association members!

Welcome to the inaugural monthly installment of Information for our energy business, specifically in America! Before getting started, I would like to give a brief bio of my background, just so that you know I’m not a “worm” or a “stodgy writer” that saw a pumpjack and then claimed to know about the oilfield.

My journey in the oilfield began in the summer after high school graduation in 1971. Immediately after graduation, I had a close friend “James” that had a dad who knew a guy that would hire us out on a drilling rig in West Texas, working evening tour. It was a deep hole rig. Minimum wage at that time was $1.60/hr. They said we could break out as “worms” for $3.50/hr.

I never was great at math, but the idea of doubling my potential income right out of high school appealed to me. So 52 years 4 months and a few days later, I’m still here. As you could envision, I’ve endured a few downturns, numerous good times, and everything in between. In 2001 I left corporate, went to the dark side (humor), and went to safety. Lol!


I’m still working full time, and I do love the oil and gas industry and the workers who make me and America proud. Incidentally, I am a 3rd generation oilfield worker. My grandfather did indeed work on a drilling rig with wooden derricks and mules.

Enough of the introduction. Let’s get down to business.

The oilfield is experiencing more theft than it ever has before in the past, since records have been kept of oilfield loss. Currently in the Permian Basin, it has escalated to the point of developing a task force composed of police, county sheriff’s departments, FBI, and numerous other governing entities as well. Naturally, I won't divulge any strategies. However, the best plan of attack is the sharing of information to the above entities.

Most companies have a tendency to write it off, increase security, and build more fences. Of course, those strategies are helpful. However, the sophistication of the thieves has increased exponentially. Therefore, the sophistication of crime prevention has to increase with it.

Regardless if you are in the Northeast (Pennsylvania, Ohio), the Midwest, (Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana), or the Rockies to Alaska, We are Oilfield! It’s bad enough that our own government is trying to curtail our energy resources politically, but also, internally as an industry that we have to contend with thieves, cartels, and miscreants that do not respect the history of our industry.

It is time for all good Men and Women to come to the aid of our country. I salute all of the OIL and GAS Workers of America. Get involved! Have a blessed day and let’s skittem!

Dusty Roach

Dusty Roach has forgotten more about the oilfield than most of us will ever learn. When he's not working, Dusty can usually be found spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. After all, who else are we out here working for?

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